Cedar Falls High School Facilities

This web page serves as a hub of information for the community as it relates to the district’s high school facility needs assessment process. It includes answers to frequently asked questions and other updates on the district’s needs, along with the board’s work to find the best possible solutions to those needs. The tabs on top provide factual information regarding data collected, processes utilized, comparisons to other high schools, presentations, etc. over the last several years.

The Cedar Falls Community School District has a vision that is at the heart of our community: all children deserve an exceptional, high-quality education. We also share a long-term vision for each student that is beyond a great education—a vision that builds on the excellence we provide to move toward better opportunities for students into the future and to focus on #everystudenteveryday.

A bold vision of the future requires a combination of visionary thinking, an understanding of the forward trends in education and a strong commitment from all constituent groups in the community. Having a strong educational system built on quality becomes a major driver for economic development, community sustainability and prosperity.

The school district is engaging the community to examine the high school’s facilities needs, prioritize those needs and develop potential solutions. Over the next several months, community members will have numerous opportunities to take part in this process, including through a survey, informational sessions, opportunities to tour the current facility, etc.

As we engage in this process, we do so with several key goals in mind:

  1. Enhance the safety and security of all high school students and staff.
  2. Provide an improved high school location that will expand student learning opportunities.
  3. Improve and optimize efficiencies across the board.
  4. Make the most of the money taxpayers invest in their local schools.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Dr. Andy Pattee, Superintendent of Schools, at andy.pattee@cfschools.org and Janelle Darst, Coordinator of Communications and Community Relations at janelle.darst@cfschools.org or 319-553-3000.


Source: Story Construction and InVision Architecture

HS Comparisons.pdf

For a new CFHS; $112.8 million is total project cost which includes building costs, utilities, furniture, fixtures, equipment, exterior work, etc. so the building will be ready for students and staff.


Below is presentation from March 28, 2019, community meeting.

HS Planning - Community Meeting 3-28-19.pdf

Below is presentation from February 28, 2019, community meeting.

HS Planning - Community Meeting 2-28-19.pdf

Below is presentation from January 28, 2019, board meeting.

HS Planning Board Meeting January 2019.pdf