Current High school construction history

High School Construction/Renovations

1950: Public approves high school bond

1950-1953: Construction of 600-650 student 9-12 High School

1959: Peet Junior High School (8th & 9th Grade) was constructed. The 9th grade was moved from the high school to Peet because of overcrowding at the high school. Peet Junior High student population grew to 900, which forced the district to construct a second junior high.

1965: Holmes Junior High opens

1963: Kitchen/Cafeteria/1st two-stories of west wing added

1967-1968: 3rd floor/west wing added

1972: Library/Business/North Gym added

1978: ADA requirements enacted

2001: Music Rooms/Auditorium Lobby /Remodel of Auditorium

2005: Administrative Offices/Gymnasium Lobby