Below are improvements that will expand opportunities and create enhancements for our students, community and region regarding the location:

  • Access to a greater partnership with UNI on course offerings for students attending Cedar Falls High School
  • Access to efficiently utilize green space, practice facility, physical educational spaces and multi-use recreational spaces
  • Greater efficiency and flow of traffic around the site compared to our current residentially landlocked site
  • Immensely improved and safer parking for students, parents, visitor and community members attending the building.
  • A single entry system that allows for the building to be a safe and secure learning environment for students that captures and allows for visibility, access to and from the building, and removes challenges associated with multiple access points and students flow in and around the building.

Partnerships on Course Offerings:

Currently, CFHS has approximately 70 students per year that take courses on the campus of UNI. Even though the current high school is roughly the same distance from the center of campus as the new high school location, the ease of location, walkability and access to campus will be greatly enhanced. This will allow, with flexibility of scheduling, potential expansion of UNI bus services and better flow of transportation at this site, an ability to offer a wider range of course opportunities for our students.

Efficiently Utilize Green Spaces:

As seen with the joint tennis court facility, efficiency can be gained by collaboration and shared cost. Scheduling challenges are just that, challenges that can be overcome. Utilizing spaces adjacent to the new site, and on the new site, that can be used for PE, practices, intra-murals, and co-curricular can be accomplished. In working with UNI, we know their intramural needs and the Districts use of joint spaces can be accommodated. As discovered by the tennis court project, less investment of funds by each collaborative partner can lead to better facilities that can last longer and have a higher utilization rate.

Safer Parking:

Students walking, biking or driving to the current high school location have tremendous challenges finding parking locations that allow for them to go off site for co-curricular, extra-curricular or college level coursework and return to site in a timely fashion. Safety of students is often compromised due to the fact many students have to park on residential streets that do not have good line of site or controlled intersections. Staff struggle finding parking locations. Visitors and parents typically avoid coming to the building due to lack of parking, which is something we want to embrace, encourage, and enhance in the future to have more engagement with our community experts.

Building Safety:

The new Cedar Falls High School site will allow creating a building that will have secured single entry points for students, staff, parents, community members and visitors to the building. This will enhance the safety of the structure and ensuring an environment that fosters learning at high levels due to the basic needs of safety being met. All visitors would have to report through the office. All doors would be locked and secured. All classrooms would be in the same structure so students would not need to go outside of the building to exterior classes. Parking would be centralized so the access into the building will be controlled, as compared to the current site where students park in residential areas on all four sides of the building.

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